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  Mischievous Arunima  


KATHMANDU, Sept 8: Arunima Lamsal wanted to be a doctor when she was in her early teens but looking at one of her sisters who studied engineering, she would become equally fascinated. “Seeing the scales and diagrams, I wanted to become an engineer as well,” she says.

 A few months later, a job as chartered accountant would captivate her but Lamsal finally enrolled for management studies in high school and after graduation. Acting was little in her mind although she was encouraged by her mother to join show business. “I love my job right now and I feel like I’ll fall ill if I can’t go out for movie shootings,” she says confidently.

Born in Biratnagar, Arunima Lamsal, famous Nepali actress, spent most of her teens at the N. K. Singh Memorial English Preparatory School and Little Angel’s School. And mischievous though she was she admits she doesn’t remember any particular incident of mischief to share with Republica. “I can never stay put at one place even today,” says Lamsal, who adds that it was the same during her school days. “If I had nowhere to go, I’d go to the restroom after each class period.”

Lamsal even found herself victim to a lot of scolding from her teachers including the principal. “I was class topper and also the class captain and yet I wouldn’t back away when it came to making a lot of noise,” she laughs, recalling more about her school days. “Once our teacher got fed up with us and made us stand outside in the sun for one whole hour,” she says. For her, kneeling down just outside the classroom was more than a normal thing to do.

Like in her studies, Lamsal claims to have been very good at extracurricular activities. When it came to competitions, she says she doesn’t remember not taking part in any. “And I always managed to win something or the other,” she says. Short put and tug-of-war were her favorite games back then. But the class topper has other things to reveal. “Once I also tried cheating in my exams but was caught at the first attempt,” she says laughing, adding that she’s very bad at cheating and never attempted it again.

And perhaps it was the same year, this class topper recalls, that she failed four subjects in middle school terminal exams. “The most interesting part was, even though I failed in four subjects, I stood fourth in the class,” she says with excitement in her face before moving on to talk about peer pressure to go dating and how friends persuaded her to have a boyfriend. “They told me that a boyfriend was just like a bodyguard for security against other guys, so I got one,” she says. “But we never met after our SLC examinations.”

It wasn’t long, however, before she found her future hubby. In her first year in high school, Lamsal found her true love. Now married to her high school sweetheart, Lamsal admits that she still gets proposals from many men. She discloses that the formula she has been using since ages to cope with them is none other than to say, “I’m engaged.” “I used to get proposals from my teachers also when I was in school,” she says.

At the end of her conversation with Republica, Lamsal strikes a lighter note and tells us how she and her brother tried stealing some money from their mother’s cupboard. “He used to steal and I used to guard the door of the room. He would take out Rs 100 for himself and give me just a five-rupee note,” she says laughing at her childhood innocence and clarifying that she never attempted stealing the money herself. “But I used to be more than happy to get my little share.”

Currently, Lamsal is busy with her shooting schedule. Her new film ‘Mr. Mangale’ is currently being screened in cinemas and her upcoming film, for which she wrote the script herself, is expected to have a release date soon. “All I’m planning right now is to continue doing my work,” says the actress who has won the hearts of many.

Published on 2009-09-08 10:59:28
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Mischievous Arunima
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