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  NRNs demand citizenship, promise investment  


KATHMANDU, Oct 13: Foreign passport holder Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) say huge investment will come to Nepal if they receive Nepali citizenships.

They maintain that Nepal will see more investment if the government annuls its policy that makes abandonment of Nepali citizenship mandatory for those holding foreign passports.

Talking to RSS, Chairman of Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) to Nepal Hom Nath Acharya said that even those who were possessing foreign passports should be allowed to receive Nepali citizenship.

"The provision that Nepali citizenship will be canceled if anyone receives foreign citizenship has become obsolete," he said. If that happens, those who return Nepal will feel that they are at home and at the same time it will encourage them to invest here."

NRNA Chairman Devman Hirachan also subscribes Acharya´s argument. The provision of cancelling citizenship of those Nepalis who get citizenship of other countries has saddened many NRNs, he said. "They have no official proof to prove themselves as the citizens of Nepal. Thus, the government should annul this provision since they are not interested in bringing investment to Nepal."

He said that hundreds of NRNs will bring a huge flow of investment here if a new provision comes into effect that doesn’t deprive the NRNs from getting citizenship.

NRN Russia´s representative to Nepal Sapila Raj Bhandari said the government policy has forced Nepali citizens to be foreign nationals. "We have gone abroad for employment. It is a sad fact that the government makes us foreigners by cancelling our citizenships."

According to Acharya, NRNs have been making an investment of around Rs. 3 billion in several sectors in Nepal and out of the total 25 percent investment also is going to the education sector.

Published on 2010-10-13 13:29:28
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NRNs Demand Citizenship, Promise Investment
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I am going to get F. Citizen but same time i do not want be Foreign for my birth place or family..

It is yet very immportant issue to be solv by NRN and Govt of Nepal. Nepal do not want loose its honest citizens and its help on investments as well as development,

which is really needed.

lets not forget our national motto which it self is helping us.
Mother and motherland are greater than heaven."

Hare Krsna [more]
  - Ramesh Dumre
The government did not force anyone to become "foreigners." Those ex Nepali citizens who opted to acquire citizenship of foreign countries did so on their own volition. There are plenty of Nepalis living abroad who have not relinquished their citizenship. The proposal that they will invest more if they are allowed to have dual citizenship is indeed very self serving. What they want is to have their cake and eat it too! I feel that since more and more NRNs have become wealthy, they want to come b [more]
  - PriyaS
Typical NRN hogwash all over again. There mightbe about 5 so called NRN´s who are capable of making some meagre investments in Nepal. Rest all are restaurant workers and the likes. I really dont understand why these NRN wallahs keep annoying us with their demands.. You left the country hoping the life is better. Now you have realised that you are basically slaves in the capitalist economy and your careers are in the rut, so now you want to try your luck in Nepal? Stay where you are. We in [more]
  - Sarath G
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