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  Nepal's most expensive schools  


KATHMANDU, March 5: Choosing the right school for one´s children is an onerous task of trying to strike a delicate balance between family budgetary constraints and the perceived quality of the school.

Being able to do away with budgetary limits may seem an utopian dream for most parents, but a select few have that luxury even in Nepal where some posh schools cater to their urge to give their children world class schooling. scanned a few schools at the high-end for the convenience of the affluent and many others who may like to know the cost of these schools just for the heck of it.

Lincoln School situated at Rabi Bhawan is the most expensive school in the Valley and also in Nepal. It charges US $ 450 for admission and US $ 3,000 as registration fee. It has annual fees of US $ 11,860 for class 1-5, US $ 13,200 for class 6-8 and US $ 14,700 for 9-12.

The British School at Sanepa, Lalitpur has divided students into key stages (Ks) and charges fees accordingly. It charges 125 pounds sterling as registration fee for all the stages. It further charges 1,575 pounds as capital development fee, 1,035 pounds as deposit and an annual tuition fee of 4,140 pounds, to be paid equally in four terms for Ks 1/2 (class 1-6).

Similarly, it bills 2,100 pounds as a capital development fee, 1,305 in deposit and an annual tuition fee of 5,220 for Ks 3/4 (class 7-11).

Kathmandu International Study Center (KISC) located at Dhobhighat, Kathmandu classifies students as mission and non-mission. Mission students bring recommendation letters from a church. KISC charges a capital levy of US $ 750 and a deposit of Rs 20,000.

Its fee structure is US $ 3,280 and US $ 3,812 in annual tuition fees for mission and non-mission students respectively at the primary level. Likewise, it charges annual tuition fees of US $ 4,600 and US $ 5,980 for mission and non-mission students respectively at secondary level.

Ullens School located at Khumaltar, Lalitpur is perhaps the most expensive secondary school run by Nepalis in Nepal. It charges a monthly fee of Rs 13,000 for the primary level while the admission fee is Rs 20,000 and security deposit Rs 30,000, in addition to an annual fee of Rs 8,000.

Malpi International School of Panauti, an exclusively residential school, charges a total of Rs 11,880 in monthly fee and admission fee of Rs 15,000 for class six through 10.

Rato Bangala School situated at Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur charges Rs 50,000 as admission fee, including Rs 25,000 in deposit, for all students from class 1-10. The primary level students are charged a monthly tuition fee of Rs 6,800 that includes lunch while the monthly fee for class six is Rs 7,150. The monthly fee for class 10 stands at Rs 7,400. The fee structure is being slightly revised soon to adjust for the education tax.

Suvatara School at Sanepa charges a monthly fee of Rs 5,005 for class 1 while admission fee and security deposit are Rs 10,000 each for students from class 1-10. The monthly fees for class 6 and 10 are Rs 5,330 and Rs 5,555 respectively.

Published on 2009-03-05 12:32:01
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Nepal's Most Expensive Schools
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I´m really shcked to see the annual fee of Licoln school. Its around annual 14,000 for secondary level. I´m studying in American University and paying around $5,000 per semister that is $10,000 per year. And the students of Lincoln students are paying more than me. Thats real crazy. [more]
  - Raj
what makes it expensive was the extortion fee they said and they blamed the maobadi so now there is a change of government and who ever does not believe pays.

good morning happy easter I agree with government let them manage and chupla ALL: [more]
  - anonymous
I went to Shuvatara School, and it was worth the fee. We had enough facilities.... never felt cold in class during summer or hot during winter....... i took a bus... never had to stand in the bus... i remember a time when 3 guys had to stand up one day, and Mr. Kakshapati got a new bus for school. Lunch was mandatory which was healthy and good..... tasted good, and whenever I visit kathmandu, i visit Shuvatara atleast once to have lunch in school..... it tastes good..... Education is worth the m [more]
  - Shuvatarian
well i am not surprised ...if they provide a quality education then its depends whether u can pay or not...its for those who can afford.....they are not taking such money for nothing ..they have a international standard quality education.... [more]
  - ravi rouniyar
There are other schools like Chandbagh, Modern Indian School, GEMS, Little Angles, Galaxy, VS Niketan, etc that charge similar fees as that of Suvatara. What is the motive is this article? Is it is inform readers who are already aware of the exorbitant fees charged by these schools or to create a negative opinion so in the event of an attack by YCL goons people would not sympathize?

Secondly, when you are using figures to describe the cost, use only one denomination. T [more]
  - Pradhot
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