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KATHMANDU, March 1: It is admission season and parents are moving around town trying hard to choose the best school for their children. To help parents in this arduous and often confusing decision-making process, randomly scanned some reasonably well-known pre-primary, primary and secondary schools in the Kathmandu Valley. Pre-primary Schools (Playgroup to UKG)

Let’s begin with the Windy House located in Baluwatar. The pre-school charges a deposit of Rs 3000, admission fee of Rs 3,000 and a monthly fee of Rs 5,600, which includes transportation fee of Rs 1,400 that is optional for parents who drop their children to the school themselves.

At what do the kids get against this? The school employs the Montessori Method of education. They are also provided with breakfast, lunch and snacks at school. The school doesn’t take more than 25 children in a class. The school session starts in April.

The Euro Kids School in Tangal charges a monthly fee of around Rs 4,000 and an admission fee of Rs 8,000. The school provides transport facility. The children are taken for field trips, fed three times a day, provided free educational CDs and medical check-ups. There is no extra charge for these facilities.

The Maria Montessori House in Sanepa, Lalitpur charges an admission fee of Rs 9,000, stationery fee of Rs 4,500, and monthly tuition fee of Rs 2,211. There is an additional monthly food charge of Rs 1,150 and transportation fee of Rs 1,200 on an average. The transportation fee might vary depending on distance. The school has a branch in Lazimpat.

The Chelsea International Academy in New Baneshwar has different fee structure for different levels. The details are tabulated below:

UKG Nursery LKG
Admission fee Rs 10,000 Rs 2,000 Rs 16,000
Deposit (refundable) Rs 5,000 Rs 5,000 Rs 5,000
Application form charge Rs 5,00 Rs 5,00 Rs 5,00
Total Rs 15,500 Rs 17,500 Rs 21,500

Annual charges
Stationery Rs 4,500 Rs 4,500 Rs 4,500
Medical Rs 8,00 Rs 8,00 Rs 8,00
Sports/ECA Rs 1,200 Rs 1,200 Rs 1,200
Examination Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000
Total Rs 7,500 Rs 7,500 Rs 7,500

Monthly fee structure
Tuition fee Rs 1,500
Food (two times)
Rs 1,100
Transportation (Optional; for any distance)
Rs 1,200
Computer/Library Rs 2,50
Special care
Rs 2,50
Total Rs 4,250

Primary Schools (Class 1 to 5)

Gyanodaya Bal Batika School, situated at Sanepa, charges Rs 1,240 as monthly fee for grades one till four and Rs 1,450 for grade 5. The admission fee for primary level is Rs 3,500. Transportation cost is Rs 800 and school buses will take students to their homes in all major locations in and around Ring Road. The school also provides students with various extracurricular activities along with a library. Apart from this the school has a medical unit that conducts regular checkups on the kids.

DAV School, Dhobidhara, charges Rs 1,900 for students of grades one till three. The fee for grade four students is Rs 1,950, and it is Rs 2,100 for grade five students. The admission fee for primary level students of this school is Rs 8,500 and security deposit is Rs 3,500. The school also provides transportation for their students to most major destinations in the Valley. The school provides the students with the facility of various extracurricular activities throughout the year.

Rato Bangala School of Patan Dhoka charges a monthly fee of Rs 6,800 for their primary level students. This includes lunch and snacks for the children. The admission fee for this school is Rs 25,000 and the security deposit is another Rs 25,000. Other facilities include sports, music and regular theater performances along with a library. The school also provides transportation.

ULLENS School, which is located in Khumaltar, Lalitpur charges a monthly fee of Rs 13,000. The admission fee is Rs 20,000 and security deposit is Rs 30,000. They also charge an annual fee of 12,000. The transportation cost varies according to distance but comes at an average of Rs 8,000. The school’s main focus is individualized education. Along with this the students also get to choose their favorite extracurricular activity.

Ideal Model School is situated at Dhobighat, Lalitpur. The school’s monthly fee for primary level students is Rs 1,200. Along with this, the annual fee is Rs 3,900. The admission fee and security deposit are Rs 1,500 and Rs 1,000 respectively. Transportation cost is Rs 650 whereby the school buses will drop the students to their homes in all major locations of Kathmandu Valley. The school has engages children in various extracurricular activities including swimming and Internet.

Suvatara School, Sanepa, charges a monthly fee of Rs 6,500 whereas their admission fee is Rs 40,108 which includes security deposit, annual fee and the first two months’ fee as well. The transportation costs and lunch are included in the monthly fee. Extracurricular activities include theater, dance, sports and music.

Chelsea International Academy of Lakhechour, New Baneshwar charges Rs 4,350 for their first and second graders, Rs 4,500 for third and fourth graders and Rs 4,650 for fifth graders. The fees include lunch and snacks. The admission fee is Rs 20,000 and security deposit is Rs 5,000. Along with this there is also an annual charge of Rs 9,800. The fees include lunch, snacks and transportation to all major locations within the Valley.

Pathshala Nepal School, located at New Baneshwar, charges Rs 25,000 as admission fee. The security deposit is 10,000 and the monthly fee for grades 1 till 3 is Rs 3,400, grade four is Rs 4,600 and grade five is Rs 4,700. This fee includes tuition, extracurricular activities, stationery and lunch. Transportation fee is Rs 1,100. The school has in-built classroom libraries and the classrooms have separate working and learning areas.

Parents should keep in mind that many of these fees are subject to minor changes for this academic year.

Lower Secondary (Grade six to eight)

At Galaxy Public School, Gyaneshwar, admission has opened for class VI. While the monthly tuition fee for the class is Rs 2,400, the school charges Rs 13,650 as admission fee for newcomers. The school has transportation facility available and average cost is Rs 800 per month. The school keeps 30 students on an average in each classroom. The school has wide range of facilities including hostel service, swimming, sports, dance and computer among other things.

The Nobel Academy in New Baneshwar is announcing admission for classes up to grade VIII starting March 18. The admission fee for class six is Rs 15,200 for new students and the monthly tuition fee is Rs 1,700. The school provides transportation facilities and charges extra depending upon the location within Kathmandu Valley. The school keeps 30 to 35 students on an average in each classroom. Like all other major schools in Kathmandu Valley, the school offers library, sports, dance, and computer facilities and also conducts extracurricular activities for overall development of students.

Don Bosco School, New Baneshwar, is announcing admission from Grade I to VI starting February 28. The admission fee for new students for class VI is Rs 15,900 and the monthly tuition fee is Rs 1,600. The school keeps 30 students on an average in each class. The school has transportation facility to all major places in Kathmandu Valley and the transport fare is Rs 1,000 on an average. The school has 30 students in each classroom on an average. The school has various facilities including library, science lab, hostel, sports, music and dance and also offers various extracurricular activities.

DAV School, located near Central Zoo at Jawalakhel, has announced admission for grade V, VI and VIII. The admission fee for grade VI is Rs 20,900 including Rs 3,500 refundable fees and monthly tuition fee for the class is Rs 2,100. The school has transportation facilities for students in all places in Kathmandu Valley. Like all other major schools in the Valley, the school also offers science lab and library and various extracurricular activities like sports, music and dance, among other things.

Published on 2009-03-01 00:11:13
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Worried About Admission? Here's Some Help
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