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  Adorable Atithi  


Clad in a black frock, her eyes looked curious; and the moment she reached the food court at the City Center, her face glowed with joy. She had recently been a participant of a live program at one of the national television channel.

For the past few days, she has been the talk of the nation. She has been featured all over the national and international newspapers and lots of websites have lauded her feat.

The Guinness Book of World Records has had quite a few entries from Nepal but none of them were quite so young. Atithi Gautam KC is waiting to have her name enlisted in the book. Little Atithi is only three years of age and she has an album to her credit. The album has nine songs including the national anthem.

Her father informed that all the necessary documents have been sent to the officials of the Guinness World Records. But the office has not given a tentative date on when the results will be declared. Nevertheless, for Atithi, the highest honor to be the youngest singer in the world to record an album is in the offing.

Although she was not imparted any formal trainings in singing but the way she does it has mesmerized many. Her elder sister Ushna, who is eight, gets regular classes from her father Uddhav KC, a singer too. Athithi had been paying close attention, and it is through these classes that she learnt singing.

“She always copied her sister that is how she learnt singing,” says her father. While her father spoke our little singer was busy looking out of the window. “She is quite playful and extremely talkative,” he added.

And so it seemed Atithi at first shook hands with everyone and made friends. All the while her pretty face had a smile, never to depart. “I like to sing, I just sang three songs on TV,” she says. She had previously amazed many when she sang three songs live on the day of her album launch.

“What should we eat?” asked her father. “Momo and orange juice was Athithi’s instant answer. Momo is a favorite dish and orange juice her favorite drink. However, she loves only the skin of the momos and of the orange juice she likes the color.

Along with singing, studying is her favorite activity, claimed her father. And he couldn’t be wrong; Athithi took a pen and the note book lying on the table and jotted down her name on it. But that’s not all, the three-year-old had the complete set of alphabets clearly written. This little star has been going to Montessori for the past two years. But what is really amazing is that she began talking when she was only six-months-old.

The table was then served with chocolate cookies, coffee and juice. The first cookie, there and then, was in the little hand already reaching the mouth even before the blink of an eye. “She loves chocolate too,” shares her father. To her father’s claim, she smiled yet again. Her father then asked her to dip her finger in the coffee assuring her of it being cold. To this she smiled and nodding her head said “No.” “She is very careful of the things she does and takes precautions,” explained her father. Atithi does not easily believe anybody. She checks everything for herself and also does things only when she is convinced it is safe to be done.

All of a sudden our singer looks really happy but restless. Her mother Angur KC, joined in. Her mother says she is extremely proud of her little girl. “I had a bit of complication during her birth, but now the pain is all gone,” is her emotional reply.

Our little Athithi now is tired of giving interviews and calls it a day. Her mother has brought her a handful of coins to play in the gaming zone. She quickly grabs the coins from her mother’s hand and leaves to have her share of fun.

Published on 2010-07-24 11:37:44
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Adorable Atithi
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