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  Dahal upbeat after S'pore meet
I didn't facilitate any meeting: Muni


KATHMANDU, Nov 18: Amidst the ongoing political impasse and uncertainty, Maoist Chairman Pushapa Kamal Dahal said on Tuesday that he is hopeful that the deadlock will end after he returns home Wednesday from his three-day trip to Singapore.

The Maoist chairman expressed this view after his meeting with Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala, who has been receiving treatment at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore since Saturday.

  • There is high possibility deadlock will end
  • Held serious talks but can´t reveal everything
  • You must give us some space over president´s move
  • Don´t want to make accusations against president
  • Will take steps immediately for budget endorsement
"On the basis of (my) talks with Girijababu, there is a high possibility that the deadlock will end," said Dahal from Singapore during a brief interview with Nepal Television Tuesday evening.

Dahal, who left for the city state Monday purportedly to "train his party cadres", said he held "profound and serious talks" with the NC president on resolving the ongoing political crisis, and that the possibility of reaching a deal has increased. But the Maoist chief declined to divulge details of the talks. "I can´t reveal everything to you now," said Dahal, adding that they agreed to adopt a middle way to resolve the impasse.

According to Dahal, Koirala requested him to form a high-level political mechanism, and he replied: "Okay Girijababu, we have already agreed to form such a mechanism, but there is a deadlock and first that should end." He said his party, which has been obstructing parliamentary proceedings and hitting the streets demanding "civilian supremacy", will not deal with the stalemate over the budget separately. "The situation will only deteriorate if the budget is passed by force," he said.

Maoist foreign department chief Krishna Bahadur Mahara, NC leader Dr Shekhar Koirala, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Sujata Koirala were also present during the meeting.

During the 20-minute talks at the hospital, Koirala requested Dahal to end the continued obstruction of parliamentary proceedings, allow passage of the budget, and agree to the formation of a high-level political mechanism to speed up the peace process and constitution-writing. Koirala warned him that the country would plunge into deep crisis if the budget is not immediately endorsed.

"I am also not negative about it, Girijababu, but we have been on agitations for so long against the president´s move. So you should give us some space with regard to that move," Dr Shekhar Koirala quoted Dahal as saying during the meeting.

The NC president replied that the ruling parties were positive about the Maoist demand, but were against accusing the president. "I also don´t want to make accusations against the president," Dahal assured Koirala.

Dahal, who is returning to Kathmandu Wednesday, told Koirala that he would prepare the ground in Nepal to let the budget through. "I will take necessary steps to allow passage of the budget immediately after I reach home," he said.

Dahal then asked: "When are you coming home, Girija Babu?" Koirala replied that he would be returning on Sunday. The two leaders agreed to hold further talks after Koirala returns.

The Maoists have issued a deadline of November 20 for the ruling parties to meet their demand concerning "civilian supremacy" including "correction of President Dr Ram Baran Yadav´s move" to reinstate then army chief Rookmangud Katawal and formation of a Maoist-led national unity government. "But the Maoists will probably wait until Girijababu returns home," said Dr Koirala.

According to Indra Gurung, a former journalist, Dahal has not met any other Nepali in Singapore as of Tuesday evening. The Maoist party had stated that he was visiting Singapore to train party cadres there.

I didn´t facilitate any meeting: Muni Prof Muni can you tell us about the meeting between Girija Prasad Koirala and Pushpa Kamal Dahal?

Muni: I only know that Koirala is in Singapore for a treatment and Prachanda is also in town. If you are asking me about political issues, I´m not in a position to say anything because I don´t know anything. But the news in Kathmandu is that you facilitated the meeting between the two.

Muni: I don´t know what people say or write in Kathmandu. Sometimes they write that I am a RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) agent. I´m not accountable to what people write there. I didn´t facilitate any meeting. But isn´t it true that you met both of them?

Muni: Yes, I went to see Girijababu in the hospital today and I also briefly met Prachanda.

Published on 2009-11-18 00:00:01
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Dahal Upbeat After S'pore Meet
I Didn't Facilitate Any Meeting: Muni
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Look at the attitude of this Indian b*stard. How condescendingly he speaks of Nepal and Nepali ppl. And what a liar! "I don´t know anything about Nepali politics" - my foot! This man created the Maoists, guided and encoraged them to get rid of monarchy and break Nepal up into baise and chaubise again. Pchande probably met you for fresh guidance and instructions. We don´t buy your "I don´t know" crap, you snake!

But congratulations to myrepublica for g [more]
  - Nepal ko chhoro
Prof. Muni should not lie to the people. First he did work for RAW, infact he used to write policy papers for HOI and get it published in India Today. He played a facilitator role under the request of GOi during the period 2004-2006, while the moaist were guests of Prof. Muni.

Inaddtion, he was key instrumental in facilitating this dailogue between GPK and Pranchadey through Dr. Shekar Koirala and Sujata. They were compleed to take GPK under the pretext of meduical investigation for [more]
  - Om Shanti Nepal
you should really say .... shree panch maharajadhiraj koirala !! [more]
  - pwals
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